Had a rough day?

Read my top 5 survival tips for when you have had a bad day!

When you have had a terrible day at work, someone has upset you, or you have lost a loved one, it is always difficult to pick yourself back up and get ready for another day.   

To some people it can be a never ending downward spiral into depression. 

But it doesn't always have to be this way, life is so full of opportunity and changes can happen in the blink of an eye. 

You have to be able to deal with the bad which gives you hope for the future.   

I used to think trying to bury a problem was the best way of dealing with it, but problems have a nasty way of resurfacing and feeling twice as bad as they originally were. 

I am now convinced that the only way to deal with a terrible day is to meet it head on, attack it and deal with it! 

So, it's all well and good saying this, but how do you actually go about dealing with it?

Below are a few suggestions that you might wish to try and I would love to know whether my suggestions help you in some way, or even if you have your own way of dealing with things.  

1.  Let people around you help you.

There is an old saying 'A problem shared is a problem halved'. Speak to someone you trust, share whatever is troubling you with them. If you do not have family, or friends to share it with, there are plenty of support agencies who will be only too happy to listen. Don't suffer in silence, there is really no need to. I think women are much better at this than men, but speaking to someone, anyone who is prepared to listen gets it off your chest, you will unburden yourself of the problem and you will feel much better afterwards.

2.  A day only lasts 24 hours

Tomorrow is a new day and it is up to you how it starts. Whatever happened to you yesterday, does not have to continue into a new day. I know it is difficult, especially when you have had a bereavement, but you should try to celebrate their life, concentrate on the good and above all talk about them. With regards to anything else that has happened, try to move on from it, learn from any mistakes you made. If you have had an argument, try to make bridges and solve the problem. Life is just too short to hold a grudge. Make peace with someone and you make peace with yourself.  

3.  Remember the good

It is very easy to dwell on the bad, but there must have been a time when things were good in your life, think about any happy events, a birthday party, a time when you laughed until you cried. Most people can think of times when they were genuinely enjoying life, but don't just dwell on these thoughts, challenge yourself and put things in place to make you feel better. Strive to do new things, or meet new people. Only you can make your life more wholesome.

4.  You are not the only one to experience this problem

Feeling isolated and alone is the worst part of a 'bad day', but you must remember that lots of other people have probably gone through the same experience and come out the other side. They will be wiser for it and learn from it, and so should you.

5.  You hold all the cards

Yes, your day was probably the roughest day ever and you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy but how you move forward is paramount to how it will affect you tomorrow and in the future. You can allow yourself to be dragged down by it and feel hopeless and angry, or hit the problem head on and deal with it with a positive mental attitude. Just taking this attitude will help you overcome anything!

And I will leave you with this thought.

Can you let me know if Reiki has ever helped you overcome a bad day?