Reiki at bedtime

5 Great Reasons why you should give your child Reiki at bedtime

Children are especially receptive to Reiki. Naturally as a child they have an open mind and Reiki at bedtime will:

1. Allow your child time to calm down before trying to sleep.

2. Make them feel grounded.

3. Reiki will alow them to relax and rest to tackle the next day

4. You can help them cleanse and clear any negative energy they may have picked up during the day

5. It allows you to spend some quality time with them to love and bond with them. 


Ask your child to lie down in bed and get comfortable.

Let them close their eyes and take several deep breaths.

Now ask them to imagine a white light at the crown of their head and this white light entering in to their head.

Guide the light to their Third Eye.

They should then see a purple/indigo light and as you travel further down their body a blue light should be seen for their Throat chakra, a pink and/or green light for their Heart chakra, a yellow light for their Solar Plexus chakra, an orange light for their Sacral chakra and lastly a red light for their Root chakra.

Ask your child to then see all these colours around them like a rainbow which slowly all blend together into one white light which is all around them

Tell them that this white light will protect them with love.

Once you have finished the reiki treatment they should be relaxed and ready to fall into a fitful sleep.

Can you let me know if this technique works for you and your child?