Meditation Classes

My meditation class normally takes place on a Saturday, or a Sunday during the day. I will also sometimes run them on a Monday night. 

The class will take place at my holistic room in Whitefield, please call us on 0161 914 6000 for the next available date.

 It lasts about an hour and I like to keep the group to about 10-12 people so that you have plenty of room. Some people sit during meditation although you can also lie on a mat on the floor. I begin by making sure everyone is relaxed and grounded by developing and teaching a breathing technique that helps you enter into a state of meditation. I will then teach you how to meditate and we will practise this process. The meditations are guided and each week we will work on a different aspect of our lives, ie. chakra cleanse & balance, mindfulness, healing etc. People who attend my class say that they find it very relaxing and it gives them time to themselves putting their life into perspective. Also enabling them to deal with the day to day stresses and strains.