Life Lessons From Singing Bowls

Read my 8 great lessons you can learn from playing singing bowls

If you have ever held, or even tried to play a singing bowl you will know how magical they can be.

Please find below some life lessons you can learn from playing a singing bowl.

1. Hold the bowl loosely in the palm of your hand. Keep your fingers and thumb away from the sides of the bowl. Holding the bowl tightly stops it from singing. Now think to yourself, am I holding on to something in my life that I need to let go of, is it preventing me from getting the results I require?

2. Never give up trying. Hold the wooden baton in your dominant hand like you would a pen, or a pencil and then start to circle the rim of the bowl. Is there anything in your life that you really want to do, but fear or the unknown stops you from trying? Well with practise you can do anything. 

3. Listen to people who have the knowledge to help you. By now you may be getting some sort of noise from the bowl, but is it the noise that you desire. With a little help from someone you should be able to make it really sing! If you really want to learn, then find the person who has the knowledge to help you. Life is really for learning new things! 

4. Patience is a virtue. Never, ever, ever give up! Some singing bowls take time to 'warm up', some may just not be right for you. Either way you may find that you have to circle the bowl several times (10 - 20 times) before it starts to sing and then once it does, a smile will cross your face. Now think about your life in general and in particular your relationships with others, your personal life, or your career. Do you get frustrated by any of these and if so do you 'throw in the towel' too easily? Can you find a way of being more patient to get the results you desire?

5. Relax and breath. Do you work that hard at something that you are no longer enjoying it? Try to relax whilst you are playing the bowl and making it sing, after all aren't you supposed to be enjoying the ride? Are you results driven in your life and forgetting that you should actually be enjoying the journey? 

6. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Some bowls you will find have to played slightly differently. A quick way to get the bowl to sing is to lightly tap the side of it with the baton and then quickly circle the rim of the bowl as you were before - this is called Waking The Bowl. Another trick particularly on machine made bowls is to look for the smooth area on the side of the bowl, as this is a good indication of where your baton should rub the side of the bowl to make it sing. Handmade bowls are normally played on the rim. Are there areas in your life where you do the same thing day in and day out? Have you tried to think out of the box and created another way that you can perform that task which might make it more pleasurable?

7. Changing your position. If you wear a ring or jewellery you may find that this gets in the way of playing your bowl. By adjusting the way you hold the bowl, you should be able to overcome this. In life you should try to balance your commitments and change things to make life more enjoyable. Life can be very overwhelming and if you can find a way to slightly adjust your approach to something it may make your life easier. This could include the commitments you make to others and maybe you should make more time for yourself. 

8. If it doesn't feel right then don't do it. I am a great believer in the fact that the right singing bowl finds you. If it doesn't feel right when you are playing it, the sound might not be right, or the vibration might be wrong, then walk away, or try another one and keep looking for the right bowl. In life trust your instincts, if something does not feel right, then don't do it! 

One last thing, please do not under any circumstances buy a bowl online as you really won't know what you are getting. 

Love Your Singing Bowl And Play It Every Day!!