Introduction to Spiritual Awareness & Mediumship

This is where you journey will begin.

It will be an amazing journey that will help you to understand and develop your own psychic and spiritual abilities.

This course is designed for people with very little or no experience.

I will teach you :

  • How to meditate and clear your mind effectively. This is assist in helping you to link with spirit and recognise when you are receiving a message or link with spirit.
  • How to protect and cleanse your aura and chakras.
  • Introduction to psychometry. This is a psychic skill that an assist immensely.
  • Importance of knowing when a link is psychic or a spiritual mediumistic link.
  • Trust and belief in your own self confidence.

These are just some of the subjects covered within the workshop, many other areas will be touched upon.

This will be a weekend of tears, laughter and personal growth and development.

This course is run over 2 days and is very informative and you will learn a lot about yourself.