10 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy A Himalayan Salt Lamp

I just love Himalayan Salt Lamps!

Not only do they look nice but they also have health benefits as well.

Here are my 10 great reasons why you should buy a Himalayan Salt lamp.

1. When it gets to that point in the evening when you have to put a light on, don't switch on your normal light, try switching on a Himalayan Salt Lamp and experience the nice warm calming glow that it emits - you will feel more relaxed in no time! 

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps are known to emit negative ions into the air which helps neutralise the electromagnetic radiation caused by electronic equipment. This harmful radiation is known to increase stress levels and affects the immune system. That's why it is a great idea to place your salt lamp next to your television, or computer.

3. They help to purify the air in a room - salt in the air has long been seen as a health booster and sea salt helps clear the airways. The salt lamp does this by attracting water particles in the air and absorbing them. In these water particles there will be particles of smoke, pollen or even dust and these remain trapped in the salt lamp.

4. Following on from my previous point, the salt lamp can also reduce asthma and allergy symptoms in the same way. 

5. The salt lamp will improve your breathing by removing contaminants in the air, allowing your body to filter the air you breathe more efficiently.

6. They can help increase your energy levels, but don't take my word for it, if you constantly feel tired and you can't work out why, try putting a Himalayan Salt lamp in the room you use most and I can assure you after a week you will notice the difference.

7. As we are surrounded by positive ions in the air which reduce our oxygen and blood supplies, we will suffer from a lack of good quality sleep. Himalayan Salt lamps reduce this problem by producing negative ions and improving the air quality in your bedroom. Just keep the lamp on during the day and switch it off before you go to sleep.

8. Himalayan Salt Lamps are great for improving your mood and have a positive effect on SAD - seasonal depression syndrome.  

9. It is said that they reduce stress and increase performance. Once again this is all due to the way the salt lamps release negative ions which improve the blood and oxygen supply to your brain.

10. Salt lamps generally enhance your well being emitting a nice warm glow rather than the normal bright lights that we use in our rooms.