Chakra Balance & Aura Cleanse

The Chakra balance and Aura Cleanse is only a short treatment but the importance of having this done cannot be stressed enough. When you just don't feel right this may be what you need to make you feel more balanced, healthier and generally more positive.


£15.00 for 20 minutes - Chakra Balance & Aura Cleanse Treatment

We all have seven Chakras each having their own colour and music note. These Chakras represent different parts of the body and energy flows through them.

If our Chakras become blocked then it is difficult for this energy to flow and this can often lead to illness, low moods and a feeling of heaviness in our hearts. It is therefore very important that we keep this energy flowing and I can therefore help you to do this by using reiki and crystal pendulum treatment, allowing the energy to flow freely again.