Awareness Classes

I currently run an awareness class for all levels at my Holistic Centre in Whitefield on a Thursday evening beginning at 7.30pm. Newcomers are always welcome, in fact if you are interested come along and see if it is the type of class you are looking for. Everyone is very friendly and you might even be lucky enough to receive a message!
This class caters for all levels of mediumship from the beginner to developing platform mediums. This is a very warm and welcoming class where everyone works together to assist in the growth and development of the whole group. You will learn about our earthly body and spirit and how to attune and develop to blend with the spirit world. Grounding and protection is also a key element. Everyone is able to blend and work with the spirit world whether on a spiritual or psychic level and this class will enable to you to understand and develop your mediumship skills. This is not a quick fix class, you will have to show commitment and dedication to spirit. A truly life changing class that will provide evidence of love and understanding as you and your group of friends develop.