Advanced Level 2 - Mediumship & Psychic Workshop

This is the final workshop in the Mediumship & Psychic Development series.

This workshop will push you even further and will fine tune and strengthen the skills you have already developed.

This course is designed to expand your current knowledge base.

  • Developing a higher level of understanding in working with the Major & Minor Arcana, within the tarot deck.
  • Strengthening the link with your guide.
  • Advanced psychometry work.
  • Working effectively during a 1-2-1 sitting. Collating your deck, correct way to pass on message etc.
  • Working effectively on a platform. Gathering energy, controlling links and presentation.
  • How to protect yourself whilst working and cleanse your aura and chakras.
  • How to conduct yourself in a correct manner when presenting your messages.
  • How to use both psychic and spiritual mediumistic link together effectively.
  • Mental Trance Mediumship.
  • Trust and believe in your own self confidence.
  • Insurance and legal responsibilities.

These are just some of the subjects covered within the workshop, many other areas will be touched upon.

This will be a weekend of tears, laughter and personal growth and development.

This course is run over 2 days and is very informative and you will learn a lot about yourself.